Fractional Cello Strings

Fractional Cello Strings from Larsen Strings

Compared to the wide variety of cello strings available for full sized cellos, there are very few options for players of the fractional sized instruments. The fractional sized cello strings that are available are often just full sized strings that are sized for the smaller instruments. This often results in a dull sound and pitch instability during bowing, due to the insufficient string tension.Larsen Strings is now offering fractional cello strings, applying the latest technologies and high quality they are known for. These newly designed fractional cello strings are meant to provide power and projection that is achieved from the full size cellos.

With the solid steel core of the (A) and (D) strings, the sound is beautiful and warm, with a strong projection. The (G) and (C) strings utilize the expensive wire core technology, providing the best possible string flexibility, with a broad, warm and focused sound. These G and C strings are wound tungsten around an exceptionally small diameter core, which leads to a comparable easy string response for these fractional size strings.

Preferred Cello Strings: Tone and Color

This video is part of Strings By Mail’s Demonstration Series – “Preferred Cello Strings: Tone and Color” with Cris Cambell.

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