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New Repertoire for Enhanced Technique


Most players recognize how refreshing it is to learn new music, but it also is a key step towards better technique, which not as many players recognize. Improving performance technique is a process of combining knowledge and experience. It is a challenging process and even once a musician knows the correct details of mechanics one can still struggle to apply that correct approach to performance. A key problem is that the technique we used when we learned and performed a piece in the past is ingrained in our physical understanding and emotional experience of performing that piece. Slowly, over time we can erase those habits from the piece. But by starting some new repertoire as we are working on changes in our technique we can fast track new mechanics into our performance skills. Learning a short new piece that is well within, or better still, even below one’s skill level is an excellent bridge. By starting one as soon as we are comfortable with any new approaches to technique, we can better bridge into effectively combining our new physical technique with all the challenges of performing repertoire.

With a profusion of new works published by Doz and Doberman over the last several months being offered at a 20% discount from August 26 to September 2, there are plenty of new pieces for everyone to consider at a very nice price.

These pieces are all graded for level, from easy pieces such as these lovely and interesting “Miniatures” by Philip Sills to these challenging and sharp witted modern Waltzes by Mikhail Sytchev.There is also a new collection of pieces that are not too difficult that sound rewarding in this Anthologie by Jean-Marie Raymond.

Personally I am very appreciative to see more additions to Roland Dyens collection of 100 short pieces. His stated purpose of providing “rather simple music to play and that is also, while we’re at it, somewhat “sexy” led Roland Dyens to creating this great collection of shorter easier pieces in a wide variety of styles. He hopes they will be the perfect vehicle for players with less experience than those playing his longer master works to experience playing his unique music. Watch for his next 100 coming soon and check out the current collection of 100 now.

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