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As part of our Strings By Mail Sponsored Artist Blog Series, we will be presenting each of our sponsored artists in a casual Q & A format. They discuss the instruments they use, the types of strings they use & why, and any accessories that help with their playing. They also provide any valued advice they may have for musicians in general – or for anyone wishing to pursue a career in music.


Irene Gómez


Irene Gomez with Contreras Guitar

Irene Gomez with Contreras Guitar



Q: What kind of guitar(s) / instrument(s) do you (or your ensemble) play? ie. make, model, and what do you like in particular about your instrument

A: I play on a Contreras Guitar that I bought in Madrid in 1992, “doble tapa” model. I like it very much due to its balance and well round sound and its ability to sing.



Q: What types of strings do you use, and why?

A: I use Savarez Strings Alliance 540. I like them because of its clear tone, though they don’t last very long. I love its sparkly and clear sound.



Q: Do you use any other of the type of accessory products? (guitar rests, wristies, guitar sleeves, nail care products, etc…)

A: I use the regular black ultra light weight footrest with 4 positions, but sometimes I like the oak foot rest when the concert hall has a special traditional ambiance. I like the Intellitouch Mini Guitar Tuner which is a big help especially when in concert.

Another thing that is not necessarily an accessory, but a rather indispensable thing, is the access to a wide library of music history books and scores that I was very happy to find at Strings By Mail.



Q: Do you have any brief advice for musicians in general , or for anyone wishing to pursue a career in music?

A: Well, after my experience I can say that to be a musician is a wonderful thing in life and a great opportunity, but also involves some degree (a high degree!) of sacrifice and devotion in order to succeed. I myself for instance, due to the fact that when I was younger there were no schools to study a graduate diploma and very few schools for a college degree in my country, I had to leave my family and I went to France to study. I had some help from the French government, but I had to work and figure out how to live and study all of this while missing my family. We Latino people are very attached to our families, so it was not very easy in that regard. But in general, I think that everyone who believes in their talent and love for music will succeed. Many classical musicians also have to teach, so it is good to learn to enjoy teaching and sharing our knowledge and experiences with others, and also listening and learning from others as well. Besides the continuous practice of the instrument for many hours every day (especially at the beginning of the process), it is important to keep up with the practice every day to stay in your best musical shape.



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2 thoughts on “Strings By Mail Sponsored Artists Series – Irene Gómez

  1. I notice that you hold the guitar in a position that is quite vertical and the tuning area is above your eye-level. Is there any particular reason for this? You play with a deliberateness that I like because so many players play too fast to savor the “musical food.” At any rate, you encourage someone like me who grew up in New York and who is a student of the classical guitar. Thank you!

  2. Hi Jose

    Irene said that she holds her guitar in this fashion because she has more stability holding the guitar this way.

    If you would like to hear more of Irene’s work, you can find many of her CDs and some sheet music here:

    If you are still currently located in New York, Irene will be giving a master class and a concert at Sage Music on June 28, 2014 in New York. You should definitely check this out if you are in the area!

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