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Pyramid Gold Chrome-Nickel Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings

Chrome-Nickel Flat Wound Strings are the ultimate flat wound guitar strings. Pyramid flatwound strings are of THE best – without peer – no one else makes this type of string any more due the amount of handwork required.

They are smooth flat wound strings wrapped on a round core. This combination allows the user to produce exactly the much loved British, Surf, Pop, Rock and Country sounds of the late 50´s and 60´s and are great for all types of today's music as well.

Superlative musical tone and timbre is not all you get with flat wounds. You get great feeling strings, a lower action than is possible with round wound strings and you also get low finger noise! Excellent for all types of music, brilliant with the warmth of pure nickel, flat wound with "twang" lush upper harmonics, long sustain, extreme long life, great smooth feel, perfectly balanced, extra musical, a joy to play.

Read about the cautions when installing round core strings.
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