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Different Types of Acoustic Guitar Strings and Manufacturing Techniques

Many different techniques and processes are applied when manufacturing acoustic guitar strings. These manufacturing processes help to differentiate and optimize acoustic guitar strings for their intended instruments, various users, and musical playing styles.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings – Strings By Mail

Round Core and Hex Core Strings

Traditionally, the core wire of acoustic guitar strings are made of steel and their shape is usually round or hex shaped. On the lighter gauge strings (usually the 1st and 2nd B and E strings), this core wire is actually used as the playable string itself. For the higher gauge strings, these core wires are often wrapped or wound within an outer wire or wrapping, and this process is done mechanically or by hand.

Wound Guitar Strings / Guitar String Windings

The outer winding process that is most often used in acoustic guitar string construction is called round wound. These round wound strings feature a round outer wire that is tightly wrapped around the round or hex shaped core wire.Flatwound strings are the result of a guitar string winding process that utilizes a string winding that sits a little more flat to the fretboard in comparison to roundwound strings. These flatwounds are slightly lower in profile, providing guitar players a more comfortable playing experience with the strings feeling closer to the fretboard. Flatwound strings can also help to eliminate the finger squeak when sliding from note to note, and tend to be a little more gentle on fret and fretboard wear. However, flatwound strings are usually a little more expensive in comparison.

Finishing Processes used on Acoustic Guitar Strings

Meanwhile, flat top acoustic guitar strings begin as round wound, and then are precision ground. This leaves the outer surface of these acoustic guitar strings smooth and semi-flat.Some other popular acoustic guitar string outer wrappings utilized are double wound strings, which really help to provide a warmer and more mellow sound with a unique feel.Do you prefer to play your acoustic guitar with the round cores or hex cores? Have you played any flatwound or the flat top acoustic guitar strings?

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