Electric Guitar String Types

There are many different techniques and processes applied when manufacturing electric guitar strings. These manufacturing processes can help to differentiate and optimize the electric guitar strings for their intended electric guitars, various users, and their eclectic musical playing styles.

Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings – Strings By Mail

What Are Electric Guitar Strings Made Of?

Very similar to acoustic guitar strings in construction, the lower electric guitar strings have an inner core (mostly made from steel or nickel) which is then covered with a metal winding (wrap wire). String materials that contain a high iron content tend to have the highest output and a brighter sound overall. Electric guitar strings made from other less magnetically powerful materials, such as nickel and other alloy combinations, may not be as bright or powerful – however they are often favored for their unique tonal characteristics.

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Electric guitar strings have a core wire that is traditionally consists of a steel formed in a round core or hex core shape. With the lighter gauge strings, usually the 1st and 2nd B and E strings, the core wire is actually utilized as the playable string itself without any wrapping. On the heavier gauge lower strings, the core wires are wound or wrapped within an outer wire or wrapping. The wrapping is a process that is done mechanically or by hand for greater precision.

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