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The various materials that acoustic guitar strings are composed of can have a very dramatic effect on how the strings play, feel, and sound. Harder materials, such as Plain steel strings, help to produce brighter sounds at a greater volume. However, these steel strings can be so hard that they can also lend to wearing down a guitar’s frets faster over time. Acoustic guitar strings made from or coated with softer metals, such as gold plated acoustic guitar strings, can help to produce a warmer and a more mellow sounding tone – and are also much less abrasive on your guitar’s frets.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings – Strings By Mail

Acoustic Guitar String Materials & Sound Spectrum

Strings By Mail Presentation | Acoustic Guitar Strings

String materials, as well as their outer wrappings (wound) can also be constructed of nickel, bronze and silver, as well as many other combinations of materials, such as silk and steel, silk and bronze, and copper bronze.

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