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Knowing when To Change Your Electric Guitar Strings

Strings By Mail Presentation | Electric Guitar - Changing Strings
Unfortunately electric guitar strings do not last forever, as the strings tend to deteriorate over time from playing – as well as from oxidation of the string materials. To keep your electric guitar sounding good and to attain the fullest sonic potential possible, as well as make it as easy to tune and play as possible, fresh strings are a must. Purchasing new electric guitar strings, or experimenting with different style string sets, is a great way to change the playability or dramatically enhance the sound of your electric guitar.
Strings By Mail Presentation | Electric Guitar - Old Strings
Often, like any guitarist, electric guitar players may not even realize that their strings have degraded due to their relative judgement. These players may not notice the gradual changes in their string quality over time, and they can forget how easy it can be to play and tune, and how good and inspirational the guitar can sound.
What are your favorite electric guitar strings, and why? What kind of electric guitar do you play them on? Are there specific reasons why you choose specific brands, gauges, manufacturing materials, processes, or coatings? How do these options change the way your electric guitar sounds, or the way you play?

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