The 30 Coolest New Products of 2016

We’ve combed through nearly 900 new products for 2016 (either new to the market or new to Strings By Mail’s website) to pick some of our favorites. Have you already tried any of them? If so, please tell us what you think in the Comments.

LaMancha Guitars

LaMancha Guitars


The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet endorses LaMancha’s fractional guitars, a line of top-quality instruments.

Classical Guitar Strings

Dogal Diamante Baroque Silver Wound Bass Strings are available in 7th through 10th strings in regular and high tensions, and La Bella Silver Wound Bass Single Strings now include gauges of .058, .060, .062, and .064.

Pepe Romero, one of the greatest guitarists in history, introduced six sets of classical guitar strings that primarily emphasize the classic Romero tone.

Electric Guitar Strings

Optima 24K Gold-Plated Single Strings have a warm sound and high durability, and are available in gauges from .009 to .052.

SIT Power Groove Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings and Rotosound Pure Nickels have great feel and sound especially good on vintage guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Bronze and Acoustic Phosphore Bronze are two new acoustic lines from Savarez that offer the brighter tones of Bronze and the warmer tones of Phosphore Bronze.

Custom String Sets

The Blackshear 01 Set for classical guitars pairs Hannabach Silver Special trebles with mixed tensions of Savarez Corum basses, and the Crispin Campbell Cello Set combines strings from Larsen, Pirastro, and Thomastik-Infeld.

Orchestral Strings

Thomastik-Infeld SP100 Spirit! Violin Strings 4/4 Medium Tension have a warm tone that’s even and balanced.

Dogal Strings

Dogal Maestrale Classical Guitar Strings have an amazingly long life and are made in Italy from exclusive materials using advanced production techniques to create a clear, exceptionally powerful sound with great balance and a natural timbric transition between trebles and basses.

Dogal Jalapeno Hot Nickel-Carbonium Electric Guitar Strings are very flexible and perfect for blues, country, bluegrass, and rockabilly players.

Dogal Nightclub Bronze Flatwound Acoustic Guitar Strings have a lighter feel than traditional acoustic strings, aren’t as bright, and produce zero string noise.

Dogal NY Steel Round Wound Bass Guitar Strings offer a bright, full, well-rounded tone that’s suitable for everything from dance tunes to heavy metal.

RC Strings

The RC Strings LG80 is a medium-high tension set for an 8-string classical guitar and is played by Strings By Mail sponsored artist Livio Gianola.

The Royal Classics NC20 set combines 1st and 2nd strings of black nylon, a 3rd string of carbon, and silverplated basses for a perfectly balanced set favoring the kind of punch over sustain sound that’s especially sought by flamenco guitarists.

The Royal Classics SBW80 JG White and Black Classical Guitar Strings set uses clear nylon for the 1st and 2nd strings, black nylon for the 3rd, and silver plating for the basses to offer brilliant sound and comfortable playing in a high tension set.

The Royal Classics SKC50 JG Silk Carbon Classical Guitar Strings pair carbon trebles with silverplated basses in a medium-high tension set.

Books and Sheet Music

The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by renowned concert guitarist and teacher Hubert Kappel was more than two decades in the making, and includes everything from technique exercises to daily practice plans.

Crystal Harmonics for Guitar by Gohar Vardanyan, a Strings By Mail sponsored artist, provides practical advice for guitarists on playing harmonics with a crystal-clear tone.

Guitar Fretboard Atlas: Get a Better Grip on Neck Navigation from Hal Leonard uses full-color diagrams to help you understand and quickly memorize scales and chords across the guitar neck.

The Canon in D Minor, a beautifully moving piece by Alexander Scriabin and transcribed by Strings By Mail sponsored artist Matt Palmer, is available as a PDF download exclusively from SBM.


The Visesnut Adjustable Hard Shell Classical Guitar Case offers the ultimate protection in a super lightweight case that easily adjusts to provide a tight, custom fit for any guitar shape and size.

The K&M 10040 Music Stand is solid, easily adjustable, and compact for transport.

Now available in orange or green straps in addition to the original black, the Practice Right Wrist Alignment and Position Aid for children helps them achieve proper technique and improve their playing.

The Kremona AP-1 Piezo Transducer Pickup for Acoustic Instruments provides high quality, natural amplification without modification to the instrument, and the Kremona AP-2 adds a volume control.

Peter Infeld Violin Rosin considerably softens the whistle of E strings and is especially good in warm temperatures.

To learn about other new products at Strings By Mail, visit our New Products page. We add new products all the time, so check it out regularly for information about the latest strings, sheet music, accessories, CDs, and much more.

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