Great Gifts for Guitarists

Got a guitarist on your holiday gift list? We have some cool gift ideas for every price range and every level of guitarist, from beginner to pro. Many are great for players of other stringed instruments, too.

Still can’t choose? Strings By Mail gift certificates are always a perfect choice. They let your favorite guitarist select exactly what he or she wants. And don’t forget that Strings By Mail has a full Gift Shop where even more gift ideas await you.

Stocking Stuffers (under $10)

The Micro-Mesh Quad-Grade Nail Buffer ($2.99) offers four grades of sanding material – from 180 MX to 12000 – in a single tool that slips easily into a pocket or guitar case. It’s great for regular or emergency nail care.

Dr. Duck’s Power String Winder Attachment ($5.00) is the ultimate tool for effortless string replacement. It fits any 1/4” powered screwdriver.

The Strings By Mail Bridge Bib ($7.25 for either Small or Large) is a simple device that protects guitars during string changes and tuning. The Small has an opening 1.375” wide that accommodates nearly all classical guitars. The Large accommodates most acoustic steel string guitars.

The Planet Waves Headstand ($9.95) is a great tool for gently and securely supporting the guitar while changing strings. And it’s small enough to fit in a guitar case.

Gifts from $10 to $25

The nifty Snark SN-1X Chromatic Clip-On Guitar and Bass Tuner with Metronome ($10.79) clips on the guitar and is incredibly easy to use. It works with alternate tunings and even has a built-in metronome.

The Practice Right Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid ($17.99 for the children’s model, $19.99 for the adult version) is a simple, effective, and comfortable way to encourage a relaxed and proper wrist position. It also can help prevent wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Used together, the three products in the Planet Waves Guitar Polish Premium 3-Step Guitar Polish System ($18.00) provide a beautiful sheen and critical protection for acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, basses, and mandolins.

If your guitarist is a beginner, Philip’s Learn ALL the Notes of the Guitar Flash Cards ($19.95) are the perfect way to learn the notes on a guitar. Reviewing a few cards a day is far easier and more effective than trying to memorize notes fret by fret.

The Planet Waves Dynaflex Gyro Hand Exerciser ($19.99) helps players of any string instrument condition their hands, wrists, and forearms while also improving hand speed and endurance. It’s like having a personal musician’s gym in the palm of the hand.

Gifts from $25 to $50

The Planet Waves Humidity & Temperature Sensor ($26.99) provides the key information musicians need to maintain climatic conditions that will avoid instrument damage. It’s easy to use and accurate.

The Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit ($34.95) has everything guitarists need to keep their instruments in perfect playing condition. It includes everything from a polishing cloth to a string cutter to a hex wrench set.

The Handmade Exotic Ebony Peg Winder ($39.00) combines beauty and practicality. The winder, which has an extremely comfortable handle, works with classical, acoustic, and electric guitar pegs.

The Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro ($44.99) is a motorized string peg winder that helps guitarists restring their instruments FAST. The universal peg head fits virtually all acoustic, classical, bass, and electric guitars. A power adapter is included.

Classical guitarists can wear their instrument cases like backpacks with the Rokkomann Case Porter Backpack Attachment ($49.99). This ingenious device has adjustable straps. They and the backing are padded for comfort.

The D’Addario Humiditrak Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor ($49.99) lets guitarists monitor their instrument’s environmental conditions with a smartphone app. Along with providing constant temperature and humidity data, the sensor also automatically sends push notifications to the phone if conditions become dangerous.

Gifts from $50 to $100

The Knobloch Actives CX Carbon Pure Sterling Silver MT 500 KAS ($57.99) are some of the finest classical guitar strings available. The carbon trebles and pure sterling silver basses provide a pure, full sound that’s truly incredible.

The CruzTOOLS Groovetech Guitar Player Tech Kit ($58.95) provides all of the tools needed to set up a guitar, along with an easy setup guide. The pro-grade tools are lifetime guaranteed.

The K&M 10062 Robby Plus Music Stand ($69.99) is elegant and easy to use. It features an extra-wide music desk that can handle small and large scores alike. Once the stand is set at the desired height and angle, a die-cast zinc mechanism locks everything smoothly and securely.

Classical guitarists LOVE trying new strings, and the Platinum Collection from Strings By Mail ($92.93) gives them a chance to try three great sets from Hannabach and La Bella. The collection includes the Hannabach Silver 900/200 MLT, the Hannabach 825MT 24k Pure Gold, and the La Bella Argento Pure Silver MT.

Hope you found something here that your guitarist will love. If you want more options, our Gift Store offers lots more gift choices than we can list here. And remember: Strings By Mail gift certificates are always a welcome gift.

Need help choosing the perfect gift? Just call 800-513-8271 to talk with our friendly guitar experts. They’re available Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. You also can email them at [email protected]

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