Practice Right : Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult
Practice Right : Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult
Practice Right : Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult

Practice Right : Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult

Model: PR-Adult
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Practice Right : Adjustable Angle Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult

Color: Black

"Practice-Right is a great innovation and will surely become one of the most essential tools in developing a proper right hand technique." - Ana Vidovic

"After having all of my students practice using the Practice-Right at home and in their lessons, I found that I do not have to spend time during the lessons making corrections to the right hand… it’s staying perfectly in place. The difference in helping to produce a great sound was immediate. I strongly endorse this product for all teachers and players"!
- Joanne Castellani, International performing artist, instructor, and adjudicator, and certified Suzuki instructor

"Practice-Right promotes proper alignment of the wrist to the fingers, providing sensory feedback on the amount of wrist flexion and extension one should have when playing guitar. You can use it to stabilize the wrist joint for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome."
- Joy Alfonso, PT Physical Therapist IU Health, Bloomington Hospital

"New students, particularly little kids, seem to have a particularly hard time keeping a good relaxed wrist position with the wrist out enough to be able to use the fingers and thumb effectively. Stevan Jovic's Practice-Right is a clever way of helping to keep such students' wrists bent correctly, and it does help. Bravo!"
- Alice Artzt (Princeton, USA), Studied Guitar with Julian Bream, Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya

"Practice-Right is going to be very helpful for beginning guitarists. It will help players not to make mistakes from the very beginning. Use Practice-Right and enjoy the music!"
- Artyom Dervoed, The Russian Gnesins Academy of Music
See the interview with Artyom.

The Practice-Right will aid in achieving proper technique and improve your playing. There are endless reasons why technique is so important and the Practice-Right is an answer for many players. It allows a player to correct bad habits and helps aid beginning players toward a direction that is suitable for proper positioning. Teachers may use it on themselves, then pass along to the student to demonstrate as a "mold" for their own technique. The Practice-Right is comfortable and ergonomic, while allowing full freedom of the fingers. Save time by utilizing this tool to achieve consistency and good tone. Practice-Right is adjustable. The flexible yet supportive core will allow the player to change the angle and make position adjustments.

Works well for any player as well as both nylon classical or acoustic steel string guitars. Practice-Right can fit smaller and bigger hands. The adjustable elastic strap fits players with wrist circumferences from 5.5 - 9 inch (13.9 - 22.9 cm).
Bottom line.... Why Practice Wrong when you can Practice-Right!?

Product Demo Video circa 2012 - Note: recorded with a prototype version that is physically larger than the production model.

Extended Video With Lesson in Technique


  • Model: PR-Adult
  • Manufactured by: Practice-Right
  • Condition: New

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