Angeles en la Calle

Angeles en la Calle

Model: 12193 / GSP251
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Composer: Eduardo Martin
Instrumentation: Solo Classical Guitar

As recorded by Iliana Matos on "Angels in The Street" GSP 1030CD

"The chief characteristics of this extraordinary composition are the many and varied rhythms encountered throughout this five minute marrathon of perpetual motion where the driving force for almost its entire length is a baseline consisting of the mathematical formula of 123,123, 12.

When it is brought off with conviction (as does Iliana Matos in brilliant style on her CD 'Angels in the Street'), the piece becomes something rather exceptional. An outstanding new composition which would surely be an audience winner in any situation. Highly recommended." — Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine


  • Model: 12193 / GSP251
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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