Assad, Sergio / Odair and their Family | A Brazilian Songbook, Live CD

Assad, Sergio / Odair and their Family | A Brazilian Songbook, Live CD

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Three generations divide a century of Brazilian music.

Do they still need a presentation, Sergio and Odair Assad, this astonishing tandem whose guitars have travelled the world? Since their debut as teenage prodigies in New York, in 1969, these two Brazilian brothers, whom the music has united beyond their family ties, have accomplished a passionate musical career.

The year 2004 was marked by the realisation of a dream which Sergio and Odair have nourished in their heart for a long time, a reunion on stage of the multi-faceted musical talents of their family, that of their sister, Badi, of their children Clarice, Carolina and Rodrigo, but also of their parents! The mandolin of Jorge Assad and the voice of Angelina Assad were part of the universe of Odair, Sergio and Badi since their tender childhood, the magic of music which is naturally passed on to the subsequent generation.

The three concerts given in Sao Paulo by the Assad Family in January 2004 were greeted by a journalist as the "consecration of a life" , referring to the determinant behaviour of father and grandfather, Jorge Assad, confident about the professional future of his offspring. These concerts constituted a sort of prelude to their US tour in April 2004. Due to a long-standing admiration of the personalities of Sergio and Odair Assad, seven artistic directors did not hesitate a moment to include the Assad Family in their musical programmes of the spring season in New Paltz, New York, Richmond, Tucson, Los Angeles, Chicago and Stanford. The tour ended with the celebration of Jorge Assad’s 80th anniversary before everyone returned home: the grandfather and grandmother to Sao Joao da Boa Vista, Badi to Sao Paulo, Carolina to Rio de Janeiro, Sergio and Rodrigo to Chicago, Odair to Brussels and Clarice to New York.

The echo of this successful American tour rapidly traversed the ocean and, to respond to the impatient curiosity of the European admirers of the Assad Brothers, two concerts were organized at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels and the Casino de Paris where the three generations Assad, united once again on stage, divided among them a century of Brazilian music.

Track Listing: 1. Casa Forte - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Lobo, Edu
2. Baiao de Gude - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Bellinati, Paulo
3. Baiao Malandro - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Gismonti, Egberto
4. The Being Between - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Assad, Badi
5. Todo O Sentimento - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Buarque, Chico
6. Ad Lib - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Assad, Clarice
7. O Silencio das Estrelas (The Silence of the Stars) - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Lenine
8. Ondas - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Assad, Clarice
9. As Rosas Nao Falam - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Cartola
10. Doce de Coco - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Bandolim, Jacob do
11. Rosa - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad, Pixinguinha
12. Medley of Sambas: Lamentos / Cai Dentro / Se acaso Voce Chegasse / Linha de Passe / Morena de Angol - Sergio Assad & Odair Assad


  • Model: 3096 / GHA126058
  • Manufactured by: Naxos
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 675754870928
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