Bay | Timeless Solos for solo guitar
Bay | Timeless Solos for solo guitar

Bay | Timeless Solos for solo guitar

Model: D- 7264 / MB22041 ISBN: 9780786682621
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Seven Contemplative Guitar Solos Written in Free-Form Style

Timeless Solos is a play on words. The solos in this volume contain no time signatures or bar lines. I did this because I wanted the solos to be very expressive in interpretation yet "free-form" in structure. The companion recording presents my interpretation of these works. You may interpret them differently and that is fine! All solos are in notation and tablature.

When writing these solos I first envisioned the form as an extended "cadenza". However, from my earlier trumpet playing days I recalled that, especially in the 19th century, a cadenza was a momentary break in a solo which gave the performer a chance to dazzle the audience with his or her virtuosity. These solos are not about that. Rather, they are a vehicle to give the guitarist an opportunity to move the listener with the performer's expressive ability.

I also thought of these solos in the form of a "chant". However, most chants are monophonic in form and these solos in various parts present a fairly lush harmonic structure.

While the solos were written for a 7 string guitar, they may be played successfully on a 6 string guitar. Alternate notes for those found on the 7th string are shown in the tablature part. Also, the solo, Peace, is written in Dropped D tuning and makes little use of the 7th string pedal tones.

The solos are contemplative in nature and provide ample opportunity for individual expression and interpretation. I hope you enjoy playing and performing these works.

Format: Book + Online Audio
Series: Bill's Music Shelf
Publisher: Bill's Music Shelf
Date Published: 1/6/2011

Song Titles

New Day

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  • Model: D- 7264 / MB22041
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780786682621
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