Bellinati | Cordao de Ouro for solo guitar

Bellinati | Cordao de Ouro for solo guitar

Model: 12137 / GSP165
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Composer: Paulo Bellinati
Instrumentation: Solo Classical Guitar

(as recorded by Paulo on Lira Brasileira) Cordao de Ouro (Gold Chain) is a Lundu de Capoeira dedicated to the great guitarist/composer Baden Powell. The Lundu and the Modinha, were the first identifiable styles of the Brazilian popular music.

In the 19th century, whereas the Modinha descended from upper to lower classes, the Lundu rose from the popular classes to the bourgeoisie and was the first form of "black" music to be accepted by the aristocracy. Through the Lundu, the black man gave Brazilian Music its essential elements.


  • Model: 12137 / GSP165
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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