Bonfa | Four Pieces for solo guitar

Bonfa | Four Pieces for solo guitar

Model: 12309 / GSP10
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Composer: Luiz Bonfa
4 Pieces (Barbosa-Lima)
Passeio No Rio, Xango, Na Sombra da Mangueira, Love Fascination
(arranged and recorded by Carlos Barbosa-Lima)

"Given Bonfa's stature as a master of Brazilian popular music, and Barbosa-Lima's editorial skill and empathy for the style, there could be no better way to present Brazilian guitar..." - Brian Hodel, Guitar Review Magazine

"Lately one has heard and seen lots of good things about the American house Guitar Solo Publications in San Francisco. The "Four Pieces" by Luiz Bonfa are an example of good publishing, with first class paper and printing. Fingerings for right and left hand are very good. This could be an example for any editor, very good indeed." -Irina Kircher, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Featuring highly detailed standard notation, this is Brazilian music at its best." -Jim Ferguson, Guitar Player Magazine


  • Model: 12309 / GSP10
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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