Borges | Miscellaneous Pieces for solo guitar

Borges | Miscellaneous Pieces for solo guitar

Model: 18826 / Misc Pieces UPC: 9788592163013 ISBN: 9788592163013
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This book contains 16 compositions made in different moments of the author's career, contemplating different musical styles like Song, Waltz and Tango The levels of difficulties required for the execution of the pieces contained in this book range from basic to advanced. According to Djalma Veloso Filho: “There are virtuoso pieces, as well as intimate ones. But all of them have a common feature: the musical personality, the talent and the refined technique of Erisvaldo. Prelúdio Incidental, Tangata para Astor, Lamento Romântico and Lua e Vinho say all for themselves. They are compulsory pieces for any concert. They represent as well a beautiful sample for all those, guitar concertists or simple dilettantes, guitar lovers, who wish to dive in a new world, full of nuances, impressions, simplicity, delicacy, refinement.”

Incidental Prelude

Prelúdio (Prelude)

Canção para Sophia (Song for Sophia)

Canção para Ludwig (Song for Ludwig)

Lua e Vinho (Moon and Wine)

Pequeno Prelúdio em Dó Sustenido Menor (Short Prelude in C Sharp Minor)

Tangata para Astor

Homenagem a Mangoré


  • Model: 18826 / Misc Pieces
  • Manufactured by: Borges, Erisvaldo
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9788592163013
  • ISBN: 9788592163013
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