Borges | Twelve Pieces for Guitar for solo guitar

Borges | Twelve Pieces for Guitar for solo guitar

Model: 18828 / 12 Pieces
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It’s a collection of pieces by the author where he contemplates several musical styles composed in different moments of the author's career: Frevo, Baião, Samba, Waltz, Song, and others. The levels of difficulty required to perform the parts contained in this book range from basic to advanced. In the words of Henrique Pinto, "your work has personality, which is very important. It's a way of being yourself. You do not seek to compose with a language that is not authentic; your language is fruit of experience and day-to-day musical practice. It has its roots, which was incorporated by the practice of a lifetime dedication, resulting in your current work, which will be eternalized because it is authentic.”

Brisa e Flor


Pôr-do-Sol (Sunset)



  • Model: 18828 / 12 Pieces
  • Manufactured by: Borges, Erisvaldo
  • Condition: New
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