Brouwer | Preludios Epigramaticos for solo guitar

Brouwer | Preludios Epigramaticos for solo guitar

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Leo Brouwer is one of Cuba’s most celebrated 20th Century musicians and his Preludios Epigramaticos is perhaps the most performed and recorded of his works for Guitar. Though varied in tone and color, this suite is characterized by its slower tempos and flowing charm which creates effective and uncomplicated music.

The first piece, Desde Que El Alba Quiso Ser Alba, Toda Eres Madre, has a spine-tingling and haunting theme and features a clockwork rhythm that carries the pulse. Tristes Hombres Si No Mueren De Amores, is darker, more barren and more reserved than the first piece, which provides a bridging contrast for the more lively but delicate and charming Alrededor De Tu Piel, Ato Y Desato La Mia. The fourth piece Rie, Que Todo Rie: Que Todo Es Madre Leve, is bright, nonchalant and somewhat insouciant but retains it sense of contemplation with its slow tempo. Me Cogiste El Corazon Y Hoy Precipitas Su Vuelo. is as dark and resonant as the second melody. In the closing piece, Llego Con Tres Heridas: La Del Amor, La De La Muerte, La De La Vita, Bouwer broaches the complicated themes of love and life and death, dealing with these ambiguous subjects with another hauntingly beautiful melody.

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  • Model: 5545 / T1740 / HL14040937
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 884088620653

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