Circle of Fifths Poster

Circle of Fifths Poster

Model: H- 11573 / TS502 UPC: 649571005023
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The Phil Black Posters are a great example of what can happen when “graphic designer” meets “music educator”. Each colorfully graphic representation of key musical elements is sure to get your attention. The creative genius of Phil Black is certainly evident in this 11” x 17” poster.

As every educator knows, keeping a high degree of enthusiasm is imperative for learning and captivating your student’s interest in a non-obtrusive manner is the key. Memory and understanding through repetition can be accomplished in many ways. One simple method is with a good educational tool that teaches your students in an effortless manner and Phil Black’s Posters exclusively distributed Santorella Publications is just one of those tools.

Although the majority of posters are guitar related, also learning “The Circle Of Fifths” is extremely important and a necessity for every student of music. The “The Circle Of Fifths” Poster will teach you all 12 keys which is the root of all music and most basic knowledge that any student of music must grasp. The use of this “Circle of Fifths”, also known as the “Cycle of Fifths”, makes the learning of key signatures a breeze. This memory process, once the Circle is understood, will take the fear out of learning the keys of Db major or even C# minor.

Avoiding fear is a good thing and once your students aren’t shook by accidentals, the easier the teaching and learning process will be for everyone. This graphically stimulating poster from Santorella Publications shows all the major & minor keys by using the Circle Of Fifths. Simply hang this poster in your music studio, practice room or bedroom wall. Any visible spot where an “at-a-glance” reminder is all you need.


  • Model: H- 11573 / TS502
  • Manufactured by: Santorella Publications
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 649571005023
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