Duo Forza (Ardizzone & Pogossian) (guitar & violin) CD

Duo Forza (Ardizzone & Pogossian) (guitar & violin) CD

Model: 3997 / CDDUO_FORZA
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Duo Forza's first release features music of Spain and Latin America for violin and guitar. Violinist Movses Pogossian (Tchaikovsky and USSR International Competitions) and guitarist Matthew Ardizzone (Stotsenberg and Rantucci International Competitions) bring fresh energy and insight to some well-loved repertoire. Kreisler gems such as the Spanish Dances by Granados and Sarasate take on new intimacy and color with guitar accompaniment. Piazzolla's Histoire du tango, originally for flute and guitar, smoulders and burns as it traces the various faces of the ever-evolving tango.

1. Spanish Dance No. 5 (Granados)
2. El Pano Moruno (de Falla)
3. Nana (de Falla)
4. Cancion (de Falla)
5. Spanish Dance No. 2 (Sarasate)
6. Entr' acte (Ibert)
7. Bordel 1900 (Piazzolla)
8. Cafe 1930 (Piazzolla)
9. Nightclub 1960 (Piazzolla)
10. Concert d'aujourd'hui (Piazzolla)


  • Model: 3997 / CDDUO_FORZA
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