Emery | Ukulele Chord Melody, Plain & Fancy

Emery | Ukulele Chord Melody, Plain & Fancy

Model: 22146 / UkeChordMelody UPC: 9781944210069 ISBN: 9781944210069
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Skeptical Guitarist Publications

Ukulele Chord Melody, Plain & Fancy - Combining chords and melodies to play instrumental music

Author: Bruce Emery

58 pages

Book with online audio. Once you’ve made some progress on your uke, you might be interested in learning to play solo instrumental arrangements of songs. This is known as Chord Melody Style, where you play the melody and parts of the chords at the same time. This book illustrates the principles for achieving chord-melody with 17 well-known tunes at two different levels, Plain and Fancy. You've heard these tunes before, making it easy to learn and practice. Eventually you'll take these principles forward and arrange tunes on your own. Tablature with chord diagrams.


  • Model: 22146 / UkeChordMelody
  • Manufactured by: Skeptical Guitarist Publications
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781944210069
  • ISBN: 9781944210069
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