Estudos Litoraneos

Estudos Litoraneos

Model: 12156 / GSP177
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Composer: Paulo Bellinati
Instrumentation: Solo Classical Guitar
Estudos Litoraneos

No. 1 brisa do oceano Tempo de Bossa
No. 2 acalanto das aguas
No. 3 chuva e mar Tempo de Samba

(as recorded by Paulo on Lira Brasileira)

Estudos Litoreneos (Studies from near the sea) are arpeggio studies for guitar inspired by the sounds of nature - the wind, water, rain, and sea.

No. 1 - brisa do oceano (ocean breeze) is a Tempo de Bossa dedicated to the composer's dear friend Marco Antonio Guimaraes. The Bossa Nova pulse appears only in the melody inflection and its traditional rhythm pattern is implied in the arpeggio structure.

No. 2 - acalanto das aguas (lullaby of the waters) is dedicated to Paulo's wife Fernanda de Castro. In this study, harmonic overtones and fundamental sounds are used simultaneously, producing a very delicate effect, illustrating the peaceful movement of water.

No. 3 - chuva e mar (rain and sea) is a Tempo de Samba dedicated to the great Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Here again, there is no apparent Samba rhythm, it is merely suggested by the pulse of the arpeggio. The composer intended to describe a storm out at sea.


  • Model: 12156 / GSP177
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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