GHS A96 Guitar Maintenance Pack

GHS A96 Guitar Maintenance Pack

Model: A96 UPC: 737681800482
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The GHS A96 Guitar Maintenance Pack includes GraphitAll guitar lubricant, and Guitar Gloss instrument polish, plus a polish cloth and a string cleaning cloth.

GraphitAll guitar lubricant
Revolutionary stringed instrument nut lubricant designed by Rene Martinez, guitar tech to the stars! White GraphitAll facilitates precise tuning and allows strings to accurately return to pitch each time they are bent or stretched. Stops string hang-up and reduces breakage. Use on any contact point — nut slots, bridge saddles, and tremolos. One pinhead-sized drop does the trick!

Guitar Gloss instrument polish
Non-wax revitalizing treatment for deep, clear, long-lasting shine on musical instruments. Polishes and protects modern or traditional lacquers and paints. Shines tuning machines, hardware, knobs, pickguards, pickup covers, pianos, brass instruments. No waxy buildup. Very shiny!

Polish Cloth
The 15" x 12" GHS polish cloth removes smudges and fingerprints to keep your instrument looking great. 100% pure flannel, non-treated cloth is safe for use on all high-luster wood, lacquered, metal, and plastic finishes.

String Cleaning Cloth
The treated GHS String Cleaning Cloth restores your tone.


  • Model: A96
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 737681800482

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