Giulio Regondi, Ten Etudes for guitar (Critical Edition)

Giulio Regondi, Ten Etudes for guitar (Critical Edition)

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A Critical Edition by Matanya Ophee. Based on the Klinger manuscript. The present edition was prepared by a careful attention to every visible element in the manuscript, and by a detailed comparison with other sources. Every single change, addition and emendation made to the music, as well as all discrepancies between the sources, are cataloged in a critical apparatus. Also contains a new introduction which describes the history of our search for these Ten Etudes, and the process of identifying Ivan Andreevich Klinger (?-1897) as the scribe who created the manuscript from which they are taken. The cover design of the new edition is based on full color facsimiles of two samples pages from the manuscript, allowing the user a better understanding of the editorial process used.

44 pages."


  • Model: 4396 / REGONDI_ETUDES / pwys17cr
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Giulio Regondi, Ten Etudes for guitar (Critical Edition)