Hand | Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship DVD

Hand | Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship DVD

Model: 1816 / HL00641644DVD UPC: 073999893687 ISBN: 9781932537420
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1816 / HL00641644DVD

A lesson for guitarists who want to discover their "natural dexterity" for speed, tone and effortless technique! Whether you are a beginning or advanced guitarist, you will benefit from Fred Hand's in-depth exploration of the fundamental principles of classical guitar technique. "Your body and mind have an innate ability to express the music that you hear," says Hand, "you only need to tap into this source." By learning the essentials of good playing, such as posture, relaxation, fingernail shaping and the correct application of the free stroke and rest stroke, you will quickly become a smoother and more efficient player. As you practice your arpeggios, scales, vibrato, trills and cross-string trills, you'll learn to apply them to beautiful classical-style pieces such as John Dowland's "Lady Hunnsden's Puffe" and a dance by Gaspar Sanz. Hand's own compositions, "A Celtic Tale," "Heartsong " and "Lesley's Song" are perfect examples of the application of classical techniques to pieces in a contemporary setting. This is a lesson that will dramatically improve the playing of both classical musicians and fingerstyle guitarists of other traditions.


  • Model: 1816 / HL00641644DVD
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 073999893687
  • ISBN: 9781932537420

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