Iannerelli | Italian Coffee for solo guitar

Iannerelli | Italian Coffee for solo guitar

Model: 7127 / GSP258
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12 short pieces for solo guitar

"If you are not familiar with the music of the Italian guitarist Simone Iannarelli then I hasten to recommend this man's works to you.

Each of these movements has something different to offer and during the time spent playing through these works one runs through a whole array of emotions from melancholy to high elation. There are some lovely melodic sentiments here and even more exciting and engaging rhythms. ...here is a truly remarkable writer of contemporary guitar music." — Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

"This is a fine collection of twelve solo guitar pieces...Musically, this is a great album of very well-presented pieces; each can be considered as a separate concert composition or, even better, an exquisite concert study in which the composer elaborates on a number of characteristic technical elements.Nowadays, we are aware of about a dozen, or even more, titles that are inspired by or deal with a similar subject—"coffee" as a theme—but I find that Iannarelli's collection is, for its technical purpose, far and away the most recommendable publication. Finally, I would congratulate not only the author but also Guitar Solo Publications as a publisher for their good choice." —


  • Model: 7127 / GSP258
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New

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