Johnson | Valentine Waltz for solo guitar

Johnson | Valentine Waltz for solo guitar

Model: 23279 / Valentine Waltz
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Composer: Louis Valentine Johnson
Model: Valentine Waltz
Instrumentation: Solo guitar
one-sided pages in a plastic binder clip.
Publisher: Dos Almas Innovative Guitar

"Here is my composition VALENTINE WALTZ for you. It is a Valentine wish. This piece may be played, listened to, and danced with on VALENTINE'S DAY, or any other of the 364 days of the year! This piece has been arranged and is also available for Guitar and Viola, Guitar and Cello, and Guitar and Clarinet."

"I hope you enjoy it!" - Louis Valentine Johnson

Performance notes: Appassionato, Cantabile, Dolce. The words "I Love You" appear in the score on the last three notes of the composition.

This piece is dedicated to: Heidi, Jake, Liam, Elsa and Maezie - forever together.


  • Model: 23279 / Valentine Waltz
  • Manufactured by: Johnson, Louis Valentine
  • Condition: New
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