Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection

Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection

Model: D- 11343 / GG225 UPC: 4539442022500 ISBN: 9784874712252
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Greensleeves, Four old Scotch music (Anon), Seven pieces from the notebook of Anna Magdarena Bach - Menuet BWV 114, Menuet BWV 115 (J. S. Bach), March BWV122, Polonaise BWV125, March BWV124 (C. Ph. E. Bach), Musette BWV 126, Menuet BWV 132, Sinfonia BWV156 (J. S. Bach), Ombra mai fu, Sonata Op.1-15 (Handel), Caprice sur un Theme favori de C.M.Weber (Mertz), Caprice No.24 (Paganini).
[GG No.]GG225


  • Model: D- 11343 / GG225
  • Manufactured by: Gendai Guitar
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 4539442022500
  • ISBN: 9784874712252
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