Korg AW-2+ Clip On Tuner for multiple orchestral instruments

Korg AW-2+ Clip On Tuner for multiple orchestral instruments

Model: AW-2+
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We're sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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Specifically for orchestral instruments.
The AW-2(+) Chromatic Tuner enhances this basic concept by adding the flexibility of an adjustable angle for the display section, enhanced visibility from the built-in backlight, and improved fit to your instrument, allowing the performer to tune in a natural position. With the AW-2, you'll be ready for stress-free tuning in any situations.

The tuner display section and the clip section are connected by a double ball joint that provides a broader range of left/right/up/down movement, dramatically increasing the range of adjustment. The AW-2 makes it easy to adjust the display section for easy viewing, allowing you to tune in a natural position.

The AW-2's backlit meter provides three illumination modes: Off for brightly-lit locations, Soft mode for dim locations where you want to conserve battery power, and Auto for bright illumination in locations of poor visibility. This ensures that you'll be able to tune perfectly under any conditions. In addition, Auto mode automatically switches to the lower brightness of the Soft mode when there has been no sound input or button operation for approximately ten seconds, preventing unnecessary battery consumption. Ensure ideal tuning with a large display font and a meter that clearly indicates the pitch discrepancy.


  • Model: AW-2+
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New

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