Les derangements Vol. 1

Les derangements Vol. 1

Model: 12685 / CNP74594
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Composer: Benoit Albert
Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 9
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: Contemporary

Les derangements

Imaginary Tango
Extraordinaire, le Jardin !
Green Spanish Tarantula's Sleeves

"Les Derangements" (derangements) as their name indicates, are very free arrangements of famous works from the repertoire. "Greensleeves" takes on the shape of a green Spanish tarantula, John Lennon's "Imagine" transforms into a tango, and the famous french song "Le Jardin Extraordinaire" by Charles Trenet turns into a long-forgotten maze.

as recorded on Paysage Hypoth├ętique CD


  • Model: 12685 / CNP74594
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - CNP-Consignment
  • Condition: new
Les derangements Vol. 1