Meneret | Escales musicales for solo guitar
Meneret | Escales musicales for solo guitar

Meneret | Escales musicales for solo guitar

Model: DZ 3637 UPC: 9782897955540 ISBN: 9782897955540
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Composer: Various
Model: DZ 3637
Arranged by: Laurent Meneret
Instrumentation: Solo guitar
Level: Easy
12 pages
Publisher: d'Oz Publications

This collection composed of 12 progressive arrangements for solo guitar presents a journey in the form of musical stopovers. From East to West, through these melodies of the world, I offer you a varied musical escape where guitarists will find material to play and to travel.

1.Bateau sur le lac ThaI Trad Chinois
2.Aamulla varhain Trad Finlandais
3.Red River Valley Trad AmEricain
4.Otchi Tchornye Trad Russe
5.Aura lee Trad AmEricain
6.Agur Jaunak Trad Basque
7.Scarbourough Fair Trad Ecossais
8.Evenou Shalom Trad Israelien
9.Heidschi Bumbeidschi Trad Autrichien
10.Nesta Rua Trad Bresilien
11.Lluba Trad Tzigane Russe
12.Ciuciarella Trad Corse

1 Bateau

2 Aamulla

3 Red river

4 Otchi

5 Aura

7 Scarborough

8 Evenou

10 Nesta

11 Lluba


  • Model: DZ 3637
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897955540
  • ISBN: 9782897955540
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