Metreveli | Spanish Music for 2 guitars

Metreveli | Spanish Music for 2 guitars

Model: D- 14030 / MB30408 ISBN: 9783864110634
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Composer: Kacha Metreveli
Format: Book
Pages: 44
Date Published: 9/27/2013

Experience the magic of Spanish guitar music with new compositions from author Kacha Metreveli. The material is written for two guitars and encompasses styles such as Malaguena, Festiva, Habanera, Capricho and more.

Eleven duets of intermediate to advanced difficulty are presented, including the following compositions: Dos Guitarras Espanolas (Festiva)
Alma Espanola (Capricho)
Jota Aragonesa
Homenaje a los Romeros (Malaguena)
Homenaje a Tarrega (Habanera)
Paterna de Rivera (Petenera)
Souvenir de Espana (Zapateado)
Homenaje a Segovia (Tonadilla)
Adios Amigos! (Postlude)

The bonus piece "Fandango No. 2" requires two players on one guitar at the same time!


  • Model: D- 14030 / MB30408
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9783864110634
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