Modern Times - The Complete Series edited by Robert Brightmore

Modern Times - The Complete Series edited by Robert Brightmore

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60 Original Graded Contemporary Works for Guitar

First published in five separate volumes, each original book is progressive and presents carefully selected pieces, graded in accordance with the various grading standards (grades 1-6) worldwide.

The originality and imagination of the composers presented here speaks for itself and we hope that Modern Times will be a source of pleasure to young students, players and teachers alike.

The pieces presented here have been conceived with certain priorities in mind. The overriding consideration that Robert Brightmore has given to editing this series is that musical expression dictating the required technique should be foremost in the mind, thus initiating a more creative approach to music-making. To this end, the repertoire chosen gives priority to phrasing of the melodic line and rhythmic understanding, as well as dynamic shape and contrast.

Each book further broadens the scope of technique, movement, positioning, the use of slurs, general expression, phrasing and articulation.

Grading: Easy - Intermediate Format: Book
Series: Chanterelle
Publisher: Chanterelle
Date Published: 5/31/2007

This item is only available to Americas.

Featured composers/song list:
BIBERIAN Gilbert: Mexico, 18th September 1985. CARLEVARO Abel: Estudios Primarios Nos.1 & 2. CORDERO Ernesto: Estudio a la Cubana, Viñeta II. HODEL Brian: All that to which the name Jazz is given, Baiao. HUNT Oliver: San Martín. KLEYNJANS Francis: Arpège (from op.77), "Chanson du Marin Disparu". ZARB George: Episode, Grekos. ZENAMON Jaime: Preludio, Escalado, Paisaje. ZARB George: Bear Dance, Arkoudohoros, Estudio. Hunt Oliver: Autumn Mist. SOEWANDI S.: Landscape, Sea Picture. BIBERIAN G.: Drones, Bear Dance, DOMENICONI Carlo: Danza del Cuculo. ZENAMON Jaime: La Noche. CORDERO Ernesto: Viñeta Criolla I, Estudio Fugaz. HODEL Brian: The Devil's Playground. BIBERIAN Gilbert: Petit Prelude. BYATT Martin: Reggae Sunrise, Hangin' Around. ZENAMON Jaime: Recuerdo, Cascade. ZARB George: Effects. CARLEVARO Abel: Estudio (Poco libero), Estudio (Movimiento Alternado). CORDERO Ernesto: Viñeta Criolla III. KLEYNJANS Francis: Valse, Simple Melodie. CHARLTON Richard: Cakewalk. BYATT Martin: Down and Out. ZENAMON Jaime: Chinese Blossom, Motivo de Danza, Preludio. KLEYNJANS Francis: Petite Valse Intime et Sentimentale, Humoresque, Au Claire-Obscure, Le Moulin de Loya. IZNAOLA Ricardo: Miniatures Nos. 1 & 2. CORDERO Ernesto: El Jardin de los Lagartos. CHARLTON Richard: Berceuse. BYATT Martin: P. C. in Blue. ZENAMON Jaime: Cancion de Cuna, Sad Mood. DOMENICONI Carlo: Omaggio a Abel Carlevaro, Alba. KLEYNJANS Francis: Amertune No. 4, Hommage a Tarrega, Chanson 'Pour Delphine'. ZARB George: Estudio Poetico.


  • Model: 7244 / ECH750
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  • UPC: 9790204702367
  • ISBN: 9790204702367

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