Mowbray | Reverie on classical guitar CD

Mowbray | Reverie on classical guitar CD

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Reverie, Solo Classical Guitar CD by Candice Mowbray

With Reverie, classical guitarist Candice Mowbray offers a collection of contemporary and twentieth-century works by Laurent Boutros, Arnaud Dumond, Pieter van der Staak, Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc as well as popular melodies by Edith Piaf and Claude Nougaro. Of special note are solo works by the legendary guitarists, Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya.

An enjoyable and cohesive listening experience is created through the album’s focus on French music with works often intertwined by homage. Listeners are transported from the solitude of a fragile winter landscape in Dumond's "Hommage a Debussy" to a scene more reminiscent of a Parisian cafe in Thierry Tisserand's arrangement of Nougaro's "Le Jazz et la java." It is an engaging program of music performed with exceptional musicianship.

Blair Jackson of Classical Guitar Magazine included the album in his Top 10 CD picks of 2017, and it has been featured on radio shows such as InTune (BBC Radio 3), The Intimate Guitar (Dayton, OH), G-Strings with Tom Cole (Washington D.C.) and Musica Mundi (Boulder, CO).

"What a revelation this album is! It's definitely one of my favorites of the year"
–Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine

"This is a labor of love that spares no effort and delivers a wonderful variety of repertoire at the highest level. One of the best things is just wondering what will happen next. Emotion, precision, nuance, passion¬– it's all there in spades. Bravo!"
–Tobias Hurwitz, Guitarist

"Such an exquisite collection. Get this one."
–Michael DeLalla, Falling Mountain Music

Track Listing

1. Vals for Atom, to Giorgio Albiani, by Laurent Boutros
2. Chanson Trilce by Laurent Boutros
3. Les Echelles du Levant by Laurent Boutros
4. Gnossienne, no. 1 by Erik Satie, arr. Roland Dyens
5. Gymnopedie, no. 1 by Erik Satie, arr. Candice Mowbray
6. Bellefleur: Valse francaise, pour Arnaud Dumond, by Pieter van der Staak
7. Cinq hommages francais: Hommage a Couperin, Passacaille sur "La mort de Didon" de Purcell, by Arnaud Dumond
8. Cinq hommages francais: Hommage a Francis Poulenc, Sarabande en choral, by Arnaud Dumond
9. Cinq hommages francais: Hommage a Darius Milhaud, La création du train, by Arnaud Dumond
10. Cinq hommages francais: Hommage a Debussy by Arnaud Dumond
11. Cinq hommages francais: Hommage a Ravel, Comme un hommage..., by Arnaud Dumond
12. Sarabande pour guitare, to Ida Presti by Francis Poulenc
13. Etude du matin by Ida Presti
14. Etude, no. II from Six Etudes pour guitare by Ida Presti
15. Danse rythmique, pour A. Lagoya by Ida Presti
16. Reverie, a Ida Presti, by Alexandre Lagoya
17. La vie en rose by Edith Piaf et Luis Guglielmi, arr. Jean-Marie Raymond
18. Le jazz et la java by Claude Nougaro, arr. Thierry Tisserand


  • Model: 22011 / Reverie CD
  • Manufactured by: Mowbray, Candice
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 888295536554
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