My Guitar, My Band Vol. 2 (Guitar 3)

My Guitar, My Band Vol. 2 (Guitar 3)

Model: DZ 1833 UPC: 9782896557325 ISBN: 9782896557325
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32 pages
Level 2
3 guitars

"We are proposing, with My guitar, my band volume 2, eight lessons to complete the work started in volume 1. As with the first book, this unique approach is based on trio formation.

For all of the eight lessons, we follow-up with technical exercises essential to the mastering of the instrument, each lesson being progressive and fun to play. The selection of exercises and repertoire is made of well-known or original purpose-driven compositions made for this book.

The particular thing about this method is its versatility. It offers of lot of freedom for the teacher. It can be used for the collective trio work, or to workout the sections; for example to study the guitar 1 with his group of students.

This method has been inspired by our own experiences as teachers in the province of Quebec, Canada; each year, we teach classes of an average of 32 students. Our goal is to bring them to the discovery, as soon as they start learning, of repertoire designed for guitar ensemble playing.We hope that with theses pages we will give teachers and students the motivation to develop guitar classes."

Nathalie Lachance et Luc Lévesque


  • Model: DZ 1833
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782896557325
  • ISBN: 9782896557325
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