Nogueira | The Guitar Works (Vol. 1-9) for solo guitar

Nogueira | The Guitar Works (Vol. 1-9) for solo guitar

Model: 12383 / GSP105
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Composer: Nogueira, Paulinho
The Guitar Works of Paulinho Nogueira (Volume 1 - 9)
9 Pieces
44 pages
Bachianinha Nr. 1 and Nr. 2, Bolerando em Tercas, Choro para Bordoes, Frevinho Doce, Reflexoes em 2 por 4, Soneto em Mi Menor, Tons e Semitons, Valsa em Sol do Meio Dia

With biographical notes and notes on the pieces by Paulinho Nogueira. Also Ivan Paschoito"s notes on the "Tons e Semitons" project.

"The harmonies are lush while maintaining a relative musical simplicity. You are guaranteed to walk away with some good chord ideas. It is a pleasure to play through Nogueira's music, to follow his unique fingerboard logic, and to witness the presence of a creative musical mind." *** -Gary Joyner, Guitarist (Minnesota Guitar Society Newsletter)


  • Model: 12383 / GSP105
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New

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