On the Mangore Trail | Barrios for Flute and Gutiar CD

On the Mangore Trail | Barrios for Flute and Gutiar CD

Model: 12553 / mangore trail
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Jananne Lovett, flute
Rico Stover, guitar

This recording is the first to feature the music of Agustin Barrios Mangore in arrangements for flute and guitar. Rico Stover, guitarist, and Jananne Lovett, flutist, bring together their talents to create a truly beautiful blend of two instruments that seem to naturally compliment one another. Stover’s skills as a virtuoso interpreter together with his insight into the music of the Paraguayan master gives us a new view of Barrios Mangore, expanding his music without losing its essence.

Barrios was known for his extraordinary virtuosity as a player of the guitar. But as time passes, the world is coming to appreciate his music "away from the guitar":—on the piano and harpsichord, as orchestrations, in chamber music settings or even played by rock bands. Here we explore the possibilities of Barrios’ preferred instrument combined with a wind instrument yielding a fresh interpretation of his music. From the charming El Sueno de la Munequita, to the harmonically melodious Estudio de Concierto, to the deeply moving Preludio in C minor and the solemn reverence of Oracion, to the romantic beauty of Julia Florida, to the folklorick Aconquija and Danza Paraguaya—seven distinct works that reveal the musical ingenuity of Barrios.

Exploring the possibilities of wind and strings, Jananne and Rico have arranged 5 more works: the classic ever popular Summertime of George Gershwin, a new arrangement of the theme from the second movement of Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, the Cuban lullabye Drume Negrita, as well as two original works by Rico, Preludio and Sambarado.

1. El Sueno de la Munequita (Barrios)
2. Preludio Do menor (Barrios)
3. Aconquija (Barrios)
4. Estudio de Concierto (Barrios)
5. Oracion (Barrios)
6. Danza Paraguaya (Barrios)
7. Julia Florida (Barrios)
8. Summertime (Gershwin)
9. Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
10. Drume Negrita (Grenet-Brouwer)
11. Preludio (Stover)
12. Sambarado (Stover)


  • Model: 12553 / mangore trail
  • Manufactured by: Rico Stover- Quarico Pub
  • Condition: New

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