Petr Eben | 33 Czech Folksongs, pupil's part

Petr Eben | 33 Czech Folksongs, pupil's part

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Learning to phrase melodies is the goal in this well chosen selection of folk songs by leading Czech composer Peter Eben with teacher's accompaniments.

Petr Eben has encouraged and approved these arrangements for two-guitars, pupil and teacher. The student always plays the original melody which is often repeated in a different register allowing for the playing of complete melodic phrases with the thumb. A feature of these arrangements is the early and frequent use of the second and third positions, and to a lesser extent, positions four to five; this is done for essentially musical reasons and teachers are advised to follow the suggested left hand fingering. Right hand fingerings are given to show whether a phrase should begin with the index or middle finger or the thumb.


  • Model: 7180 / ECH2212 / MB97487
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279052511
  • ISBN: 9780786638086
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