Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal, SPL

Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal, SPL

Model: SPL UPC: 0181118000141
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THE MUST HAVE PIGTRONIX for any musician. The Infinity Looper will inspire compositional depth and engaging performances; it is the ultimate practice and performance tool for every style of music.

Infinity Looper Stereo Performance Looper

- 24bit / 48khz HD recording - This WAY better fidelity than Jamman, Roland RC series, EHX 2880 and Boomerang!
- near ZERO latency so it does not require quantization of loop length
- 2 loop channels, both stereo.
- discreet analog limiters / 100% analog pass-through
- massive headroom accepts line level with no attenuation / tone suck
- loops can actually get LOUDER than the original signal if desired
- USB upload of digital audio in ANY format
- USB offload of loops at full resolution
- INSTANT undo / redo removes only the LAST overdub
- Sync loops with length multiple factors
- Series or Parallel looping
- MIDI sync works PERFECTLY
- approx. 2 hours total recording time with 8GB memory card
- made in USA

May experience short processing delays. Please inquire if your shipment is time sensitive.

Infinity Looper User Manual: PDF Download


  • Model: SPL
  • Manufactured by: Pigtronix
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 0181118000141
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