Pujol | La Guitarra 3 | Cinco Piezas for 2 guitars

Pujol | La Guitarra 3 | Cinco Piezas for 2 guitars

Model: D- 11194 / HI-I5587 UPC: 9790500225379 ISBN: 9790500225379
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Maximo Diego Pujol
La Guitarra Latinoamericana

Arranged by Maria Isabel Siewers

Cinco Piezas

I. Pieza soleada
II. El coya frances
III. Polvareda
IV. Cancion de cuna
V. Hora pico
Pages 22, includes separate parts

The Cinco piezas, which are dedicated to Maria Isabel Siewers, will considerably enrich both music teaching and concert performances. They describe various aspects of the music of Argentina, with its independent traditions and Spanish and African influences. The second guitar part ad lib also makes these fine pieces an important addition to the duo repertoire - in music teaching it is primarily intended for the teacher, enabling effective musical interaction with the pupil.

Publisher: Helbling*Rum/Innsbruck


  • Model: D- 11194 / HI-I5587
  • Manufactured by: Helbling Publisher
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790500225379
  • ISBN: 9790500225379
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