Richter | Eight Preludes for solo guitar

Richter | Eight Preludes for solo guitar

Model: D- 12122 / GSP144
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Composer: Brad Richter
Instrumentation: Solo Classical Guitar

"Whether or not you would normally choose to listen to the twentieth century classical guitar repertoire, Richter's Prelude No. 8 (Elation) is a gem not to be missed. These original pieces succeed in being technically and musically integrated, in a way which would satisfy well the expectations of the most accomplished performer, and they require an advance technique without straying into the realms of the obscure or esoteric. Richter's work is therefore both rewarding to study and entertaining to hear." - —Brian Capleton, Royal College of Music Annual Review

"…good ideas which he doesn't give away too easily; a firm grasp of contemporary musical discourse; an always accessible manner even in passages of non-tonal writing; a neat and technically fluent playing style. All these are probably best summed up in the Eight Preludes, …these Preludes/Etudes feature a graphic form of notation which specify right hand position much more precisely than the standard 'point'or 'tasto' which most composers live with, and the intention is that these specifications should be integral to the compositional process." - Stephen Kenyon, Jacaranda Classical Guitar

"…unique and highly inventive…" - Maike Rimatzki, Rheinische Post


  • Model: D- 12122 / GSP144
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New

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