Roux | Le Bourdon De L'ame for solo guitar

Roux | Le Bourdon De L'ame for solo guitar

Model: DZ 64 UPC: 9782921248518 ISBN: 2-921248-51-4
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Level: 4
Number of Pages: 12
Instrumentation: Guitar only
Composer: Roux, Patrick


"Le bourdon de l'âme" is dedicated to David Russell, who was one of Roux' teachers. Previous compositions by Roux that I have seen were all in a tango style heavily influenced by the works of Piazzolla. This piece retains the harmonic piquancy of that style in two contrasting and complementary movements, "Songe" and "Bourdon."

"Songe" is languidly melodic and sensuous, needing careful attention to legato expression and chord voicing. "Bourdon" is eight pages of rapid arpeggios supporting a melody that surges and ebbs in waves. This piece will need a dynamic performance, but the result will be potent and exciting, both technically and musically.

In both movements a first cursory glance suggests many fingering errors or curiosities, but closer examination reveals that the composer has indicated exactly what he wants, with precise calculation of the musical effect. The resultant left-hand fingerings demand unusually accurate placement, but allow the notes to ring and the melody to connect as desired.

(David Grimes, Classical Guitar)


  • Model: DZ 64
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782921248518
  • ISBN: 2-921248-51-4
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