Royal Conservatory, Guitar Repertoire and Studies Album 7

Royal Conservatory, Guitar Repertoire and Studies Album 7

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The edition is out of print as of April 2011.

See the newly improved series, Bridges (item #'s 6701 - 6711)

Guitar Series, Third Edition - Level 7

My Lady Hunssdon's Allemande, Poulton 54 (Dowland, J.)
Diferencias sobre "Guardame las vacas" (Narvaez, L. de, arr. J. McFadden)
Ricercar no. 11 (Crema, G.M. da)
Fantasia no. 10 (Milan, L. de, arr. J. McFadden)
Pavan I (Milan, L. de, arr. J. McFadden)
Pavan VI (Milan, L. de, arr. J. McFadden)
Ricercare (Milano, F.C. da)
Cancion del Emperador/Song of the Emperor (Narvaez, L. de, arr. J. McFadden)
Prelude, BWV 999 (Bach, J.S., arr. J. McFadden)
Suite in D Minor ‚
 Gigua (Roncalli, L.)
Suite for Solo Violoncello, BWV 1007
 Minuet I
 Minuet II (Bach, J.S., arr. J. McFadden)
Canarios (Sanz, G., arr. J. Mills)
Sonata, L 238, KÊ208 (Scarlatti, D., arr. J. McFadden)
Mademoiselle Tiroloise (Weiss, S.L., arr. N. Kraft)
Campanella (Kellner, D., transc. P. Danner)
J'ai perdu mon Euridyce/I Have Lost My Euridyce (Gluck, C.W., arr. N. Coste)
Allegro, op. 50, no. 26 (Giuliani, M. ‚)
Allegretto, op. 47, no. 4 (Sor, F.)
Allegretto, op. 47, no. 2 (Sor, F.)
Caprice, op. 20, no. 28 (Legnani, L.)
Caprice, op. 20, no. 12 (Legnani, L.)
Sicilienne, op. 124, no. 23 (Carulli, F.)
La donna e mobile (Verdi, G., arr. J. McFadden)
Berceuse et trio (Coste, N.)
Candombe en mi (Pujol, M.D.)
Marieta! / Mazurca (Tarrega, F.)
Prelude no. 2 (Smith Brindle, R.)
Prelude no. 3 (Smith Brindle, R. ‚)
Bagatelle no. 2 (Walton, W., rev. J. Bream)
Song for Guitar (Green, E.)
Rotation (Zohn, A.)
Overlap (Zohn, A.)
Vals en re (Tarrega, F.)

Study/Etude no. 1: Andantino, op. 60, no. 21 (Carcassi, M.)
Study/Etude no. 2: Allegro, op. 100, no. 11 (Giuliani, M.)
Study/Etude no. 3: tude, op. 60, no. 19 (Carcassi, M.)
Study/Etude no. 4: Lesson, op. 31, no. 20 (Sor, F.)
Study/Etude no. 5: Andantino, op. 6, no. 8 (Sor, F. ‚)
Study/Etude no. 6: Study, TI i-12 (Tarrega, F.)
Study/Etude no. 7: Study no. 1 (Hand, F.)
Study/Etude no. 8: Etude 21 (Garcia, G.)
Study/Etude no. 9: Lesson 15 (Sagreras, Julio S.)


  • Model: 1097 / GTR07***O/P
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  • UPC: 9780887978722
  • ISBN: 9780887978722

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Royal Conservatory, Guitar Repertoire and Studies Album 7