Royal Conservatory, Guitar Technique

Royal Conservatory, Guitar Technique

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We're sorry, this item in no longer available

The edition is out of print as of April 2011.

See the newly improved series, Bridges (item #'s 6701 - 6711)

A companion volume to the Repertoire and Studies/Etudes books, Guitar Technique is intended to assist students in the development of technical fluency and security. This resource includes major, minor, chromatic, slur, and tremolando scales, and arpeggio patterns, all with fingerings appropriate to the level of study. The Technique Supplement offers a variety of alternate fingerings, rhythms, and supplementary exercises used by guitarists to vary their daily practice routine.


  • Model: 1100 / GTR09***O/P
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9780887978319

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