Solo Now! Original Progressive Guitar Solos in 3 Volumes - Vol. 2

Solo Now! Original Progressive Guitar Solos in 3 Volumes - Vol. 2

Model: 5570 / ECH2102 / MB97477 ISBN: 9780786637805
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The aim of the three Solo Now! books is to provide the elementary guitarist with a progressive and stimulating collection of pieces that specifically develop one of the most fundamental guitar techniques-that in which the right hand-thumb and fingers combine to play mainly broken chord configurations using the triando stroke. Volumes 1 and 2 take great care to try to minimize the demands made on the left hand so that the student can focus on the formations of a stable right hand technique.

In this volume 2, the technique of the left hand is used freely. For the left hand there is more double- stopping than volume 1, though many of the pieces still require the use of one finger at a time, with or without the sequential placing of an additional finger.

Series: Chanterelle
Publisher: Chanterelle
Date Published: 2/20/1998


Song Title: Composer/Source:
A Fit Subject: Colin Downs (B.1949)
A Sad Little Thought (For Alf): Christopher Susans (B.1950)
Advent Song: Stephen Dodgson (B.1924)
Aeolian Harp: Stephen Goss (B.1964)
Anna Magdalena's Dance: Colin Downs (B.1949)
Beachcomber: Stephen Dodgson (B.1924)
Birthday Cakewalk: David Cottam (B.1951)
Cat And Mouse: Peter Batchelar (B.1952)
Circles In The Water: Vincent Lindsey-Clark (B.1956)
Climbing The Clock-Tower: Vojislav Ivanovic (B.1959)
Cowboy In The Saddle: Vincent Lindsey-Clark (B.1956)
Dream Waltzing: Vincent Lindsey-Clark (B.1956)
Ducks And Swans: Peter Batchelar (B.1952)
Dunbar Drones (For Robert Underwood): Stephen Goss (B.1964)
Fluo: Norbert Leclercq (B.1944)
Going For A Spin: Colin Downs (B.1949)
Hopscotch: Vincent Lindsey-Clark (B.1956)
Hungarian Dance: Timothy Bowers (B.1954)
Lydian Waves (For Mary King): Stephen Goss (B.1964)
Midi (A Genevieve Koole): Norbert Leclercq (B.1944)
Romanza (For Kathy): Christopher Susans (B.1950)
Roundabout Blue (For Esme Purdie): Stephen Goss (B.1964)
Sarabande: Timothy Bowers (B.1954)
The Old Mill: Vojislav Ivanovic (B.1959)
Whirligig: Steve Waters (B.1951)

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  • Model: 5570 / ECH2102 / MB97477
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780786637805

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