Sor | Marche Funebre a la mort de S.M. for solo guitar

Sor | Marche Funebre a la mort de S.M. for solo guitar

Model: D- 5687 / PSNT1 / 490-01156
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Fernando Sor

written** for PIANO**edited by Miron Weisbord

This product has a difficulty rating of 5 on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being hardest.

The Funeral March for Czar Alezander I was composed by Sor specifically to be performed by the Preobrazhensky Regiment military band during the Czar's funeral processions on March 6 and March 13 of 1826. Sor made arrangements of the Funeral March for piano solo and for piano four-hands, and received the censor's permission to publish them several days before the funeral actually took place. These arrangements were eventually published and made available for sale in both St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The present edition is primarily based on the autograph manuscript of the piano solo version which were found in the Moscow archives of Count Mikhail Vielgorsky. A full facsimile of the music pages is included in this edition, and the title page is reproduced on the back page.

The Ms. and the printed edition show a number of variants in the music and in the programmatic text supplied by the composer. In general, the musical text in the autograph proved to be more representative of Sor's musical language as is obvious from his music in general, and from his piano music in particular. However, some variant readings in the printed edition appear to be corrections and emendations applied to the final text and they were taken into account in this edition. Like many other composers of the time, Fernando Sor provided few articulation markings for the performer. That is why this publication is supplied with editorial fingering and pedal markings.


  • Model: D- 5687 / PSNT1 / 490-01156
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
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