Studi per Chitarra Scelta Di Studi, Ruggero Chiesa

Studi per Chitarra Scelta Di Studi, Ruggero Chiesa

Model: 6383 / ESZ6630
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We're sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Revisione e diteggiatur di Ruggero Chiesa

Nuova Edizione

"This new edition of our collections of 80 Studies by Mauro Giuliani, selected from his best-known teaching works, incorporates several changes with respect to the preceding version. The first and most important innovation in this edition is its strict adherence to the original, made possible by the fact that we have gain access to editions of the period. We have thus been able to discard sources that have proved ambiguous or inaccurate. Secondly, in order to provide a complete philological picture of the Studies, we have retained Giuliani's original notation, even though certain voices might have been realized more completely. And finally, we have changed some of our former fingering criteria, especially those regarding right hand fingerings (almost entirely lacking in the originals), in the interest of following the composer's style more closely. We also decided to eliminate our own indications of "rest stroke" and suggestions for dynamics, leaving such delicate choice to the interpreter's discretion. The order of the Studies is the same as in the previous version, except for a few minor changes due to problems of pagination." Ruggero Chiesa


  • Model: 6383 / ESZ6630
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