Suzuki Changed My Life

Suzuki Changed My Life

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By Masaaki Honda
Item: 00-0084
UPC: 029156660050
ISBN 10: 0874870844
ISBN 13: 9780874870848
PRICE: $17.95
Category: Textbook - General (Suzuki)
Format: Book
This autobiographical work is full of touching anecdotal references to occurrences in Honda's early life which subtly bring the Suzuki philosophies into focus. Written in the early seventies, this charming book seems at first to be an autobiography (which indeed it is), but as one reads further into the book, one realizes that it is much more. Through the effective use of literary devices, Honda is in reality painting a picture of another life, that of his mentor, Shinichi Suzuki. As Honda tells of his boyhood, each time he learns a lesson in life -- humility, compassion, philosophy, love of life, love of art and music -- he is in fact building towards the core of his later passion, the spreading of Suzuki's teachings worldwide. Contained herewith is a history lesson on the beginnings of Talent Education in Japan as told by one of the few people who was there at the very beginning. "Develop character through music" -- this is how Dr. Honda defines Talent Education at its most fundamental. One learns of the beginnings of Suzuki teaching in the United States from one of the men responsible for bringing Talent Education to this country. This is entertaining reading, with joy, heartache, pain, courage and, above all, insight into this revolution which is still taking place, the development of early childhood education. It should be read by all who have a passing interest in Suzuki and his teachings.
Life of the Spirit
The Second Tour Materializes
The New Center Building of Talent Education
I Visit the U.S. with Junko
We Get Married
I Recover
Yuko's First Lesson
A Baby Is Born
Suzuki's Voice
My Boyhood in the Country
Book Reading
Founding of E.D.A. and the 1968 Tour
E.D.A. Starts to Work
Our Silver Wedding Anniversary
Developing Sensitivity
The First Visit to Europe
E.D.A. English Classes
I Read About Dr. Doman
We Are Invited to Rio de Janeiro
Mother Investigation Team
The 1972 Tour
I Become Director
First Meeting with Suzuki
We Visit Matsumoto
Ecumenical Work Camp, 1951
We Build Our Home in Fujisawa
Tour without Suzuki
The First Graduation
A New Turn
Mayako Has an Accident
The First National Concert
The Beginning of a New World
Music Lessons
I Go Back to Japan
Back in Japan
I Become Ill
I Enter Middle School
I Enter Medical School
My Work in the Institute Begins
I Meet Junko Sakurada
What Is Environment?
New Year 1965
Suzuki's First Workshop
New Life in San Francisco
I Go to Grammar School
Relationship with My Father
Experience in Working
Leaving Japan
Preparation for the Tour to the U.S.
Mr. Cook's Arrival
Yuko's First Recital in Misono
The Tour Materializes
Our United States Tour
Yuko Goes to the University of Washington
Making the Film
First Performance Before a Foreign Audience
The Film Is Sent to the U.S.
My Daughters' Education
We Perform on TV
Tour, 1969
I Return Home from the Hospital


  • Model: D- 13648 / 00-0084
  • Manufactured by: Alfred
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 029156660050
  • ISBN: 9780874870848

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