The AMA Guitar Chord Book

The AMA Guitar Chord Book

Model: D- 18477 / 610109E UPC: 796279075503 ISBN: 796279075503
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Model: 610109E
Level: Beginning
120 pages
Publisher: AMA Verlag

This is a compact, comprehensive guitar chord dictionary for rock, blues, heavy metal and jazz. It includes power chords, slash chords, chord shapes, and more diagrammed on chord grids. The chords are chromatically arranged in all keys, so that each chord can be found easily. The chords within a key are listing in the order major, minor, dominant seventh and diminished chords. Sixth, ninth, suspended, and altered chords are all included as well.

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  • Model: D- 18477 / 610109E
  • Manufactured by: AMA Verlag
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279075503
  • ISBN: 796279075503
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